Three Tips on How to get Rid of Your Back Discomfort

The pain and discomfort of a back problem can be severely life-limiting and many work hours are lost due to a range of these conditions. There are, however, many ways of alleviating the discomfort.

Be aware of your posture

Poor posture adds to the strain on your muscles, so to help your body to help itself, you should pull your torso into an upright position, feeling the muscles support your spine. If you sit at a desk for work, make sure the seat is adjusted for your height and that the back support is in the appropriate position.

Keep moving

While it’s tempting to stay very still, it’s more important to stay mobile. Gentle movement helps to loosen the muscles and if the problem is a long-term one, regular exercise such as swimming or walking can help you to achieve a full recovery and prevent further problems.

Treat the point of pain

Applying compresses can take away the worst pain – hot, cold or a combination of the two, alternating as you see fit. A hot water bottle can be filled with comfortably warm or chilled water to do this.

There’s no sense in taking chances; if back pain persists in spite of treating it with over-the-counter pain killers, you must consult a doctor for further advice or treatment.