Obesity – a major health problem today

Obesity is one of the most serious health issues that the modern world is currently having to face. Of greatest concern is the increasing and alarming number of young people that are becoming obese.

Lack Of Exercise

Whereas previous generations of young people would spend much of their leisure time playing a sport, the current generation have other choices. These include playing computer games, or using their computer to interact with friends via social media. Consequently, many children aren’t getting enough exercise.

Unhealthy Diet

Though sugary drinks and fast food is nothing new there are fears that less fruit and vegetables are being consumed by youngsters. This, combined with a lack of exercise, is the recipe for obesity for some youngsters.

Ready Meals

Today, parents are often rushed off their feet, and don’t have time to cook a proper meal. Putting a ready meal into a microwave is more convenient – but it won’t necessarily be good for human health in the long run.


Some people are at greater risk of becoming obese because of genetics, and they may put on weight more quickly than others. Because we generally lived more active and healthier lives this would not have been such a problem in the past, as weight issues would have had a better chance of being controlled.