Health and Happiness In, Waste Odours Out!

Many people can get sick by simply smelling bad ”stuff ”. This happens due to the associations connected to the particular smell and the way our brains process it (waste odours are processed more quickly and more intensely which makes it possible to feel it for ages afterwards).

It is scientifically proven that levels of pollution are far higher indoors than they are outdoors. Unlike lavender and basil which soothes the brain and causes serenity, inhaling waste odours can cause a headache, nausea, dizziness, tiredness, skin irritation and much more. If a person spends time in an insufficiently ventilated enclosed space he or she risks serious health issues.

Precisely for these reasons, it is important to keep the air clean both at home and in the workplace. There are many ways to improve indoor air quality ranging from proper ventilation, air cleaning devices, electronic air filtration devices and detectors to eco-friendly household cleaners.

Even though many of these can successfully reduce indoor air pollution by eliminating tiny airborne particles, they have limits and aren’t effective against larger, heavier particles that fall too quickly out of the air. If you want to remove all airborne particles, volatile organic compounds, and bad odour efficiently, try Centriair Biogas and Waste where customers across Europe and Asia are happy to testify to its effectiveness.

The benefits of clean air are numerous. Fresh air is not only essential to safety and crucial to health but also affects one’s productivity, performance and well-being in general.

Air quality should be a primary health concern nowadays since the rise in respiratory disease became quite alarming in the last few decades. Maintaining a clean house will keep one safe and happy and maintaining a clean office will decrease the risk of occupational hazards and will impact performance levels by making the staff efficient and productive.