Burnout is increasingly common today

Burnout is a term which refers to a particular kind of psychological condition. It occurs when someone feels detached, depressed, cynical and generally negative about their whole life, particularly work.

Sometimes we thrive on the challenge with which certain types of job provide us. These jobs, however, can also be testing and taxing, and leave us with little in reserve for the rest of our lives. They can make getting up and facing the day feel like a tremendous struggle.

While many people feel discouraged or depressed from time to time, burnout is occurring if you feel like giving up every day. If the tasks you are carrying out during your working day feel dull and repetitive, and there is little rewarding to be gained from them, then you could be suffering from burnout.

The key to dealing with the problem is to recognise the signs before it becomes too bad. If you feel tired all the time, and are prone to mood swings, then the chances are that burnout could be occurring. Greater vulnerability to things like colds and chest infections could also indicate that you are becoming run down, and stress is affecting your immune system.

If you feel that your working life has become pointless, talk to someone. Seeking out proper support is by far the best way of dealing with burnout.