Why Good Health Is Important

Good health.. it’s something that everyone’s heard about and been told about, repeatedly. The very mention of it conjures up images of the doctor recommending your five-a-day and exercise; seemingly the answer to most issues. Not that we would wish to go to the doctor unless near death, very British that. But good health is genuinely important, both the physical side and the mental. That said, not always in the way one expects.


Everyone knows what the result of eating too much with not enough exercise looks like. If you’ve sat on a plane beside a big example, you’ll know all too well. The dangers of obesity are well documented; death is a pretty good example of such. Yet, often it is social pressure that influences change and illustrates why good health is important. Today’s society claims to be much more tolerant and understanding, but we’re not really, if we’re being honest. Judgements are made on people in split seconds, be it for an interview, a date, even walking down the street. Businessmen want to do business with people they deem physically able, strong, and competent. If a larger man goes for that interview coughing, red faced, seemingly out of breath, no matter how qualified he is it will be likely the job is given to an equally qualified but fitter man. It’s unfair, but it’s in our nature.

So to this, good health is perhaps more important socially than we would like to admit.


The possibilities of clichés, analogies and metaphors are indeed a plethora of choice for this topic. In trying to avoid writing a generic good health article, let’s run past them. Well, maybe an indulgence in just one, “Feel good on the inside, look good on the outside”. It’s true though, the two intertwine and bounce off each other; if one isn’t happy, the other will feel the effect. When you feel good about yourself, you’ll be more inclined to want to exercise and look good, and when you come to good health you’ll feel more confident and happier mentally. Furthermore, when you give your body the nutrients it needs, your mind will indeed become that computing powerhouse you’ve always dreamed of; oily fish and broccoli are apparently prime choice here. This is a lighthearted article, but I myself find that an evening walk does wonders when feeling slightly down and stressed. Find a technique for yourself that works and go with it, and remember to top up on a few apples along the way to add to your five-a-day.